H4 Extension applied - H1 Filing Apr 2013


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I have currently filed for my H4 Extension and it is currently in regular processing with USCIS. For one of the job opportunities identified, my prospective employer is planning to file a new H1 for me once the H1 cap opens Apr 2013.

1) As my H4 Extension is in regular processing, there are very little chances of having H4 extension approved before 1st Apr 2013

2) What happens when H1 is to be filed in Apr 2013? Can H4 Extension and new H1 filing go in parallel? Do I have to take any specific action at the time of H1 filing, as my H4 Extension is already in progress?

3) Does processing of one application affect other and vice versa?

4) Does the order of H4 Extension and H1 petition approvals play any important role in determining my visa status?

Eagerly waiting for the response. Thanks in advance for your help!

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I too have the same question. Our current H1/H4 expire on 7/1/13 and we are applying for wife's H1 on 4/1/2013. Can someone please clarify the above questions in the original post?

Our H1/H4 extension is under REGULAR processing but my wife's H1 is giong to be filed under PREMIUM on 4/1 by the new employer.


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