Does UK citizen need H1b Visa stamping?


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HI Friends

I am planning to apply H1b for my sister and borther in law who live in Scotland. They are UK citizens. My questions is do they need to go for H1b Visa stamping once they have the H1b approved or its not required for UK citiizens.

Please share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance


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H1 visa is mandatory for all except Citizens of Canada. I assume you mean your company will file the H1 petition.

I assume you are referring to a visitors visa. Otherwise, Canadian citizens do require a visa for authorized employment in the U.S. There is a TN visa (created as part of NAFTA) that a Canadian citizen can get directly at the port of entry (PoE) with a valid job offer, minimum education, etc. However the TN visa does not allow immigration intent. For Canadian citizens wanting to become U.S. permanent residents (get a green card), they still need a H-1B visa for employment based (EB) immigration (and have to go through the standard PERM labor certification application > I-140 petition > ... process).

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Respectfully, I am Canadian (by birth, 2nd generation) and have always got a H-1B through the standard petition process and then received an approved I-797 with attached I-94. Yes, from there I have had my passport stamped with H-1B and received a new I-94 form directly at the port of entry, and did not need to go to a U.S. consulate to get an actual visa. While I was incorrect about a "visa" and work authorization, your post about a Canadian citizens not needing a H-1B visa seemed misleading (even if strictly technically correct) in that it infered that Canadians can come to work in the U.S. without a H-1B (L-1, TN, ...).

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