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I am currently pursing residency/Graduate Medical Education training in the U.S. I had recently visited India for vacation and had applied for a renewal of my J1 Visa via the 'dropbox' program.

Upon receiving my J1 visa, I realized that my status on the visa was 'Bearer is not subjected to Section 212(e) (2yr home return rule)', which was clearly a mistake. And as expected the DS2019 did not have the US Consular's endorsement for the two year home return rule.

I am in a dilemma, since I have to return in 2 days to the US to restart work, which leaves me only 1 day for me to clarify. Should I just leave to the US and clarify later or must I work on it right now.

Please advice.. Thank you for taking the time to help

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Dear TheAltruist,

I hope everything went smoothly and you did not have any problems!

I am also doing residnecy in US on J1 visa, and am intending to use dropbox service for J1 visa renewal when i go to india next month.

I wanted to know how was your experience!

Which city did you use the dropbox service at? and how long did it take you to get the visa?

I would really appreciate your help!



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