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I earned Medical Doctor degree from Asia, immigrated to Canada and became Canadian Citizen. Now I got job offer in the U. S with job title Physician Researcher to do and co ordinate in clinical research on treatment of Parkinson and movement disorder. Although I don't have research experience in Canada and U.S, I did some research when working as a physician in my country and research is part of my education as a Medical Doctor. Is this job fit with my qualification for TN visa?

Another concern: in the past when I entered the U.S border for a short training course, I forgot to bring the course registration paper, so I got rejected, but I came back next day with document and was allowed to cross border. Another time, I was asked to withdraw my application entering the U.S because I planned to stay for 9 months for a training course on B1 visa which allowed 6months. Do these denial and withdrawal record affect my TN application result now.

I planned to drive to the land port of entry close to my place to apply then enter the U.S by air next day so that I don't have to worry missing the flight due to TN process, Does it affect TN approval?

Thank you in advance for your time and your input.

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Hi There,

I have particularly similar situation to yours, MD from Asia, Canadian citizen and about to get a job offer in California. I have related work experience in Canada. I appreciate if we can talk or email about this. My email address is ********at yahoo dot com and my name is Kaveh


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