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  1. law_info

    TN visa-non immigrant visa # on I 485

    Hi Catx and Belle, Thank you for your response. I am on a TN vis and I applying for a family based green card, not adjust directly from TN so I think there is on problem with this, right?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm filling form I 485 and have several inquiries. I am on a TN visa which was issued by a U.S officer at port of entry so I don't actually have a visa stamp in my passport but have a paper including I-94 and TN together. 1.On the right side of the paper, I find departure # which has 11 digits. Is it an I-94 # 2. On the left side of the paper, there is word TN, underneath which is 5 digits. Is it a non immigrant visa # ? 3. What should I put in a box: "consulate where visa was issued": should I put location of port of entry or leave it blank Thanks a lot
  3. law_info

    Switch to Adjustment of status

    Thanks a lot , Belle
  4. law_info

    Switch to Adjustment of status

    Hi JoeF, My priority date already becam current. I heard that it takes about 4-6 months to have an interview from the date of I-485 submission. Retrogression means it takes longer than 4-6 months, right? Do you have an idea about how long Thanks a lot
  5. law_info

    Switch to Adjustment of status

    Thanks JoeF for your infomation. Trully appreciate
  6. Hi everyone, My interview date for a family based green card's interview is on Sept 18, 2013 at Montreal Consulate in Canada. However, I am on a TN visa for work in the U.S and my employer can't find anyone to replace my position during 3 weeks off for travelling to Canada for my medical exam, an interview and waiting for a visa. At this point, can I not go to the interview and apply adjustment of status here in the U.S? If it is possible, do I have to get permission from the U.S consulate? Thank you very much for your input
  7. law_info

    TN visa- Salary change

    Thanks catx for mentioning AED. I actually need AED to apply for medical residency program but I didn't know that I'm qualified for AED until you said I am. I will look into this. Thank you again.
  8. law_info

    TN visa- Salary change

    Thanks alot for your time and information. I just remembered to call and ask an officer at the port of entry where I applied for my TN previously. He said that I don't have to report because I have worked at the same company with the same job. I feel so relieved now. Thanks for all your kind response. About TN to green card. I feel if I try to apply for green card by myself while on TN, it is not possible ( unlike someone on H1 for several years can apply for green card). Here my husband apply for me, so I am not sure if it is acceptable? Anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  9. law_info

    TN visa- Salary change

    Thank you vey much for your response. When we apply for new TN the 2nd time, is there any form we need to fill or inteview asking what we have done previously and salary,.. to check for if we worked as what mentioned in the job offered letter the first time? Actually, I don't think I need to renew my TN because my husband is a green card holder and he applied a green card for me. I will have an interview for green card before my TN is expired. I'm not sure at green card interiview, uscis will check for my working status while I am on TN or not? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  10. law_info

    TN visa- Salary change

    I entered the U.S right away after being approved for TN visa. However, due reconstruction in my employer's institute, I started my job 1 month after the date mentioning in the job offer. Also, due to less demand on the job now, my employer offers me part time job instead of full time. As a results, the salary now is 20 000 less than the amount mentioning in the job offer that the US port of entry has a copy. Do I need to report for the late start & the salary change and who do I report to : USCIS or U.S port of entry office? Thank you in advance for your time and your input
  11. law_info

    TN visa- chance of success

    I earned Medical Doctor degree from Asia, immigrated to Canada and became Canadian Citizen. Now I got job offer in the U. S with job title Physician Researcher to do and co ordinate in clinical research on treatment of Parkinson and movement disorder. Although I don't have research experience in Canada and U.S, I did some research when working as a physician in my country and research is part of my education as a Medical Doctor. Is this job fit with my qualification for TN visa? Another concern: in the past when I entered the U.S border for a short training course, I forgot to bring the course registration paper, so I got rejected, but I came back next day with document and was allowed to cross border. Another time, I was asked to withdraw my application entering the U.S because I planned to stay for 9 months for a training course on B1 visa which allowed 6months. Do these denial and withdrawal record affect my TN application result now. I planned to drive to the land port of entry close to my place to apply then enter the U.S by air next day so that I don't have to worry missing the flight due to TN process, Does it affect TN approval? Thank you in advance for your time and your input.