Does retrogression affect submitted application for AOS?


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I have applied for AOS on November 1st 2010 under family based F2A category while my priority date (May 1st, 2010) was current for November 2010 visa bulletin. I have received application receipts for I486, I765 and I131 in same week. Also I have submitted my fingerprints on December 7th 2010.

As per January 2011 visa bulletin F2A retrogress to 1st January, 2008, does it affect my AOS application which has priority date of May 1st 2010(It was current for November 2010)? May I look forward to some delay in the process?

Your response is highly appreciated.

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Iam in the same situation.

I-130 approved- Priority date March 2009

AOS filed.- Sept 2010

FP done.

EAD - approved and received.

AP- did not apply ( now I think I should)

Interview- Done (November 9th) (no negative comments by IO or any RFE yet)

No news yet.

Now looking at Jan 2011 bulletin, Iam worried.

Will I get stuck again? So frustrating, they have no clue how they can destroy peoples/family life and play with emotions.

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I'm in a similar situation here.

My PD was Jan 09. 2A category.

Visa number became available in Jul 10.

Sent in AOS and other form late Sep 10.

Fingerprint done in Oct 10.

Received EAD card and Travel Documents in Dec 10.

Have been waiting forever for an interview letter.

Never got one.

Checked processing time online, it said they are doing the ones from Sep 2010. So, I might be close to get mine.

Question is my husband has been an US citizen since May 2010, but we have never really bother to upgrade the application. Well, the attorney didn't recommend us to when I asked her back in June 2010.

Is it a good idea to upgrade now? Or can I even upgrade mow that it was approved? Would upgrading it set the time back another 4 months or so?

Any advice is highly appreciated.

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Hi eseses,

My AOS is still pending. My priority date was March 2009 and filed our AOS in September 2010 and interview was on November 2010.

I have EAD approved and recently got my AP, since I need/plan to travel.

Read my recent post on this forum for details.

I would say do not worry, once you get your EAD and AP, you are good to go, till you hear about your case.

Please keep us posted.

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Hi Belle and friends,

I wanted to update my status. I know you all helped me a lot on this forum with great advice and suggestions.I want to thank all for your help.

Finally I have my GC. After a long wait and struggle, Iam free and hope the same for everyone here. My best advice would be never give up and be strong. One of the biggest issue more than immigration was couple of law firms that I fell prey to due to my own mistakes and fear. Always tonnes of research and interview atleast 3 or 4 law firms before you hire one. Some are very greedy and you will know and listen to your gut feeling. Always take a family member or friend with you, when you are looking to hire a lawyer. I went to one and got screwed, (we went to her thinking she is one from our home country and have heard on radio about her community service). I have moved on, but just wanted to warn y'all on my journey and pitfalls.

Once again thanks for all the help on here. Specially Belle & JoeF.

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