URGENT : Travelling to India for stamping immediately after H1 transfer


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I have just got my H1 transfer and changed the company. Next month I am traveling to India and will have to go for stamping because I had H1 extension done here.

From what I have heard from others experiences is, there is one question for sure interview ask is "Your duration with current company?"

In my case that duration would not be more than 1 month.

Can you please let me know, can my stamping chances get impacted because of this small duration with current company?

Also can you please help me out by suggesting how to answer this question in my scenario?


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Sorry...I understand you already changed the company....there is nothing much you can do now.

If your luck rides high...you will be approved but your chances of getting a 221g is about 80%.

Even if you get the visa approved....You will have to wait for PIMS to get updated....So both ways you are looking atleast a month wait.

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Hello Team,


I'm in a similar situation working with new employer(employer B) since 4 months now and I've all the paystubs from the current employer. I'm trying to make a decision if I've to go for a visa stamping since I've a valid visa from my prior employer A till Sep 30 this year.


Having said that, I did H1 transfer to one of the leading services companies based in India and they are insisting me to go for fresh stamping. Here are my questions which I need clarification before I make my next move..


1) Do you see any issues with my situation if I go for stamping in India with company B?


2)  I got married recently, suppose that I will not go for stamping in India, I'll send my wife for visa stamping based on visa from employer A and I797 approval petition from employer B. Will she face any issues at the interview? Also, she got a F1 denial more than a year ago.


3) Suppose that she gets her visa stamped with Company B name on her visa and I've company A name on my visa. What will be the consequences at POE when the VO looks at our visa's having different company names?



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1. No.


2. H4 status has no connection to the employer but to your valid status with ANY employer.


3. All you need is a less active imagination and valid H1 AND H4 visa stamps along with the approved H1 petition for the company you are coming back to join.


 She gets her H4 visa stamp by proving Marriage and your valid H1 status. Approved petition, stubs etc.


 A rare bit of good news. A company with principles.

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