Can I file a writ petition of Mandamus?


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I attended the H-1B visa interview at the Chennai consulate on Jan 27 2012. I received 221(g) pink form with no additional documents requested. My passport is with the Chennai consulate.My case has been pending for almost 9 months now. At the time of the interview, the VO said your visa is approved, but you just need to go through additional administrative processing. And she held my passport. I do have a common Muslim name. Since then, there has been no reply from the consulate. They have kept me in the dark all this while. Any inquiries into my case only gave me the standard and generic replies saying, my case is pending admin processing.

So, now since my case is pending close to 1 year, can I file a writ petition of Mandamus against the DoS or Chennai consulate?? If yes, can anybody let me know the procedure?

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