H1B - Application - 2013 - without office space


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I work for a start-up company whose headquarters are in Finland since past six years. We have our company registered in USA and payroll system setup as well. The company is eVerified. But we do not have physical office in USA. The company has home office address as official address. There are few employees working remotely in US and mainly the Sale's team.

I am currently on F1 visa and would need to apply for H1B in April 2013.

I was wondering if I can apply for H1B with home office location. Is having an office space is a strict requirement for H1B? What are my chances to get an approval under this situation?

Also, I would highly appreciate if you can please let me know the requirements for H1B visa.


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@ mitsu3000gt: With the employers rented business post office box was your H1B approved? Did they visit the location ever?

@ pomtevecchio: Thanks for the suggestion. Can you please let me know how to schedule an appointment?


You can call them and schedule an appointment on phone. Number available on top of this forum page.

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