I-94 extention after renewal of passport and valid H1B visa


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I have doubt regarding I-94. I came to US on Dec 2010 on H1B visa which is valid till sept. 2013.

So i was having I-94 till sept. 2013. but after one year dec 2011. i went to India for attending family function.

While returning back in dec. 2011 they give my I-94 only till Feb 2013 because my passport is going to expired in Feb 2013.

But my visa is valid till sept 2013. So i apply for renewal of passport and received today.

Now i want to update my I-94 so that i can stay till sept 2013.

I just want to know the process to update I-94 and who is going to do that?

Shall i go to port and update I-94 or it has to be done through company lawyer?

Please let me know.

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Hi Jadhav, Where are you from? I stay in Bay Area. I found that only solution is to go to Mexico border and come back immediately. If you want we both can go as my i 94 expires on feb 2013 and my h1 visa valid till sept 2014. Call me at 848 220 0725 for further discussion we can travel by car. It is 8 hour journey one way.

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