F1 to H1B (somewhat time sensitive)


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Hi there,

Hope you are doing well! I got your information from an online forum. I have a question that I would be very grateful to you if you could answer. I was on an H1B in 2009 and went to school to do my MBA. I am currently on the OPT and my OPT expires in 4 weeks. I am interviewing but I don't have a job offer yet. From various blogs, I found out that the best thing for me to do is to enroll in a school and get an F1 to stay legal. Then, keep finding a job and once I get it, I can have my employer apply for H1B (since I had one before, it would not be under quota).

My question is this: when my employer files for H1B while I am enrolled in a school on F1, could it be a problem? What are the potential flags that USCIS looks for?

I would greatly appreciate your answer.



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