H1b revocation notice


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Hi friends,

I got a call from my employer that the lawyer has received the revocation notice from USCIS. The website status is still under post decision activity.

My question is:

1. Does USCIS revoke the application without even giving a chance to the applicant for re-appeal?

2, If they do, aren't my lawyer suppose to get a detailed notification from USCIS?

Thanks for you reply in advance.

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Few years back I was on the same situation. Lawyer should get the detail information such as the reason of revocation and the time line for re-appeal etc. Talk to your lawyer and try to get the detail information. For my case, my lawyer re-appealed and my visa was approved.

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Thanks everyone for the quick response. I really appreciate it.

I wanted some more suggestion from you guys, for some reason my employer is not sending me the revocation letter, the lawyer received. Is there any way that I can get it from somewhere? I am scared that they may not re-appeal and just revoke my application.

Your response will be highly appreciated.


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