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  1. longwait4it

    H1b stamping interview in New Delhi..221g white slip

    No this is my 2nd H1b and I have done MS from US.
  2. longwait4it

    H1b stamping interview in New Delhi..221g white slip

    Not yet buddy..Yet to submit the docs..
  3. longwait4it

    H1b stamping interview in New Delhi..221g white slip

    Nope there is nothing to hide. There are lots of other people who also had to submit the police clearance certificate as well. I just came to know about this. Had to know, whether anyone has got approval after they had submitted the passport along with the required documents.
  4. Hello Everyone, I went for H1b visa interview last week at New Delhi US Embassy. The questions I was asked were as below: VO: How are you Me: I am doing good mam how about you VO: Not bad. Can I have your passport and approved H1b petition please? Me: handed over to her VO: Who is your employer? Me: XXXX company VO: Do you have any client? Me: No Mam I am going to work at my employer location VO: Describe your project Me: Gave a brief description about the project VO: why they hired you Me: Identified the required skill set to her to get the job done for the particular role She starteking at the computrer screen VO: Have you er been arrested in India? Me: No Mam VO: Alright, we will need some more dosumnets from you and your employer which needs to be submitted at the OFCor further verification. She gave me a 221g white slip with few document checkbox selected in it. She has also asked for a police clearence certificate from the regional passport office. I need to submit those docs along with my passport to OFC. Please suggest me, if any one had goe through the same and what are my chances to get a visa approval. Any response will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  5. @ Visablues: did you get any other employer? can you provide me some details? please let me know how would you like me to contact you?
  6. @ Visablues & Kanzer: What are the next steps? what are you guys up to? Or, it's over.
  7. Hi, Here are the details of my case: Approved h1b petition while working in US: November 2011 Came to India and went for h1b stamping: 14th December 2011 Then my case was sent back to USCIS and got a white 221g for further processing. I was not asked to submit any other documents. Then on day before yesterday, I have received a letter from US embassy Delhi stating that we couldn't approve your h1b because your employer is not eligible to sponsor or maintain your visa status in United States. Also, they have attached the original I797 ( approved H1b petition) with the letter above. Now my question is: 1. Why would they send my original petition back to me with the I-94 when they have denied my application, is it the normal process? 2. Is there anything I need to do further? Please pass on your valuable comment, if you went through the same situation or you have any clue about the situation. Thanks in advance.
  8. longwait4it

    H1b revocation notice

    Where can I file the complain?
  9. longwait4it

    H1b revocation notice

    Thanks everyone for the quick response. I really appreciate it. I wanted some more suggestion from you guys, for some reason my employer is not sending me the revocation letter, the lawyer received. Is there any way that I can get it from somewhere? I am scared that they may not re-appeal and just revoke my application. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  10. longwait4it

    H1b revocation notice

    Hi friends, I got a call from my employer that the lawyer has received the revocation notice from USCIS. The website status is still under post decision activity. My question is: 1. Does USCIS revoke the application without even giving a chance to the applicant for re-appeal? 2, If they do, aren't my lawyer suppose to get a detailed notification from USCIS? Thanks for you reply in advance.
  11. I know..the PIMS update is another thng which is making people wait fr long time... Please keep us posted if you guys have any update on your side. Thanks
  12. @ CodeVISA: I guess that's what it is. Do you know anyone, who got reaffirmed petition after all this? I mean what is the chance? @ h1stuck: when was your interview date? and what colour 221g slip you got?
  13. I have attended the H1 Visa stamping interview on 14th December 2011. I got a 221g (white). On 16th April 2012 I have received a notification email from USCIS that they have received my documents for review from the state Dept., if they need any more information they will let us know. Also, the website shows the bubble is under "Post Decision Activity" since then. Now, my question is, it's been more than a month and neither my lawyer nor my employer received any kind of official communication from USCIS end. Does any one have any idea, how long generally this process takes? How soon my lawyer can expect the letter from USCIS? Thanks in advance.
  14. @h12345 : your lawyer can definitely contact USCIS, that's not going to make things worst at least...it's always worth a try..and about your lawyer, I don't think they will miss the letter or any information sent out by USCIS. But co ordinate with them. So that they can keep in touch with USCIS. and let us know if you have any updates in between... Best of Luck!!
  15. If you don't mind me asking..How do you know about the three months time frame?