ds-160 wrong receipt number;


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I had my Visa interview on Mar 5th at 8:30 am, Ottawa, Canada and got 221-g with further review; My client manager got email on same day regarding employer-employee relationship and he responded back on next day with appropriate answers ;couple of days back I realized that I had wrong receipt number under my ds-160; My h1-b was ammended in Feb 2012, due to the change in client location; I assumed that my old h1-b receipt number will be carried over to new ammended h1-b and I was wrong;

I had submitted my new ammended h1-b (I-797) approval , I-129, client and employer letters, paystubs, LCA to Consular officer on the day of my interview; I notified the consulate 2 days through email regarding the blunder I made under ds-160 form;

What makes me more tensed is, most of the people who have been waiting on 221-g got emails from consulate's for visa processing; I guess i'm only the person who didn't received the email;

I want to know if any one had ran into same situation; What can be done now so that my visa processing is not delayed due to the stupid mistake I made;

Any suggestions are appreciated !!!

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Without making mistakes people land into trouble. This is surely a mistake you could have done without, I mean you should have been more careful - but mistakes do happen, so as long as you have notified the consulate, which is the only thing you can do at this moment - I would say just wait for their reply.

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