March 9th :H1B Visa Intrvw:Hyd


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Hi All,

I attened H1B visa stamping interview on 9th March at hyd US Consulate.

Reached consulate at 9:00 AM.Appointment at 9:30

Allowed inside after document check at the gate .

Then an Indian officer checks the docs note some thing down on his machine.

Security check(Made remove my belt and shoes as well :).

Was asked to move to a specific counter ...there was a huge queue . waited for half an hour to give bimetric finger prints.

Was issued a token at 9:50 and was asked to wait in the waiting area

Waited till 12 o clock till my turn came screen showed my token number and counter number that i have to go(long long wait for 2 hrs)

Moved to specific counter .The VO was a young chap around 28 years old.

Conversation was as below

Me: Good Morning officer,

VO :Good Morning

VO:Whats your educational qulaification

ME:Blah Blah

VO:Since how long you have been with the employer

Me: 18 months

VO:Who uer client and what do you for him

Me: Blah Blah on client and what i do for himThen he interuppts and says its ok fine i got it :)

VO:Since how long you are with client

ME: 1 yr

VO:Whom do you report to and how many ppl are onsite for your proj

Me:Blah Blah

VO:Thanks!,Your visa will reach you in a week.

Phew!!!!!!Interview spanned for a minute max...

Waiting for the passport .

How many days does it take for passport to reach the employer?

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