H4 got approved while H1B is on pending


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I filed my New H1B in the month of Nov 2011 thru X employer and also filed H4 for my wife. H4 got approved in Jan 27th 2012 , but my H1B still showing pending status.

We got her H4 pettion approved documents. Is that implies my H1B got approved. I checked with my attorney also, but they did not received anything yet.

Is that happend to any case.

thank you


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I am in the same situation as mentioned above. 


My H1B is under premium processing which was stopped once and restarted after submission of additional documentation earlier this week. 

My wife's H-4 has been under regular processing and we received status updates on each of our files today.


It showed approval for my wifes H4
and the "premium processing stopped" msg on my file (H1)


I was surprised and notified my employer who has not yet received any information. I was wondering if this is usual and would greatly appreciate if anyone could throw some light.


Thank You!

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