Going Back to previous Employer - H-1B issues


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My situation is that I have been working with Employer A for 3 years and then and got a FT opportunity (Dec 2012) with Employer 'B'. I got approved H-1B from Employer B and have been working with them since then. My Previous employer 'A' has no idea about my transfer yet and has not revoked/withdraw my H-1B).

So my questions are:

1. Is it legal that i can go back to my previous employer and work without any issues, previous H-1B is valid till the end of 2012.

2. Do I need to fill out any form or do any kind of paperwork?

3. Will my previous employer (Employer A) come to know at any point about my H1B transfer or my employment with Employer 'B'??

4. Any other issues/complications you could think of??

Appreciate your help in advance!!


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Yes dreams11, I have worked with Company B for 2 months.

I do not have any contract with either Company A or Company B. Infact, Company A was not aware of the fact that I joined Company B, hence has not revoked my H-1 application.

My concern is: Do I have to file any paperwork OR telling my previous employer for coming back to his company, although my previous H-1 is valid till the end of 2012.

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