Filling GC for Future Employement


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I have a full time job with a Company-X (one of the leading medical device manufacturer). They are all set to apply for my GC and all of a sudden they had to announce few layoffs in the same location i am working at. Now Company lawyer says, Company-X has to wait 6 months before they can apply for Labor.

Even though the company is doing good, there is good probability for layoffs for every other quarter (though the numbers will be really low). I am sure my job is good for at least 2-3 years as am involved in one of those manufacturing projects. So if there are layoffs every other quarter, i am afraid, it will take a while before they apply for my Labor.

So, i am planning to apply for a GC from a different company (desi consultinancy with a good 200 employees). Can you please let me know the challenges if an employer applies for my GC and i am not on his w-2?

Any help/Suggestions really appreciated.



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