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  1. ypavank

    H-4 EADs

    Does any one have an idea of Processing Time for H4 EADs? Thanks Pavan
  2. Thanks for you reply. What od you mean H1 fees twice?? do you mean that employer has to apply for H1 again?
  3. ypavank

    H4 visa and H1b visa parallely

    I have the same question as you. Lets c if any one would respond with a suggestions/Clarifications.
  4. All, I am on H1-B and I am getting married 2013 Summer. I plan to bring my wife along with me after marriage on H4. The question i have here is, Can she apply for H1B in April 2013 and while it is under process, Can she, after marriage apply for H4 and come along wid me to USA? If H1B gets approved after she is here,, can she apply COS and start working? Any help is really appreciated. Thanks for your time. Pavan
  5. ypavank

    Filling GC for Future Employement

    Suggestions please.
  6. All, I have a full time job with a Company-X (one of the leading medical device manufacturer). They are all set to apply for my GC and all of a sudden they had to announce few layoffs in the same location i am working at. Now Company lawyer says, Company-X has to wait 6 months before they can apply for Labor. Even though the company is doing good, there is good probability for layoffs for every other quarter (though the numbers will be really low). I am sure my job is good for at least 2-3 years as am involved in one of those manufacturing projects. So if there are layoffs every other quarter, i am afraid, it will take a while before they apply for my Labor. So, i am planning to apply for a GC from a different company (desi consultinancy with a good 200 employees). Can you please let me know the challenges if an employer applies for my GC and i am not on his w-2? Any help/Suggestions really appreciated. Thanks Pavan
  7. Schedule in ireland is pretty tight. My employer want me to have a valid visa to re-enter before he decides to send me ireland. Please give me suggestions
  8. Hi all, I Visited US on F-1 Visa in 2006, completed my Masters with 4.0, Now working Full Time for Boston Scientific Corporation(H1-B approved 2011 april). I am scheduled to go ireland on work purpose and when coming back i need to get my visa stamped to get into US. So i am planning to go Canada on my way back or on way to ireland for Stamping. Can you please give me suggestions on my chances of getting visa stampped and possible delay? Any suggestions and comments highly appreciated. Thanks Pavan