Can AR-11 and previous amendment impact 485?


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I might be able to file 485 in march. I have couple of concerns here.

Any help / advice is highly appreciated.

1) In the past i missed to file AR-11 form when i moved . When last time i moved i submitted AR-11. Going forward will always make sure to file AR-11. My concern is is it going to impact in 485 processing? OR it does not matter ?

2) After i last came back to US, i moved from one state to another for the same client. This was in first couple of months for 2010. My company filed lca but not amendment. After this incident i applied for extension of h1 and it was approved. Then I again moved in the same state but different city, Company filed lca but not amendment. This was in 2010 september. We again had to go for extension and got h1 ext approved. This is my current h1. I moved now and as now a days amendment is big concern my company did file amendment and that is approved.

My concern is my old h1 (as amendment was not filed) can cause issue for my 485?

However, i was never without job and always had the same work duties and for the same client.

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