Employer asking to sign contract to file I485

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I am getting ready to file for I-485 and my employer who holds my H1B has sent me contract papers that states that I am liable to work for them for a year from the date i receive my green card or pay $15000. The company is paying for the expenses if that makes any difference. I work in Texas while the employer is based out of NJ.

1. My question is whether this is legal? Am I obligated to sign a contract like this if the company asks?

2. I am afraid that if i refuse i.e., if i agree to pay for I-485 and all the expenses, they may terminate the employment i.e., my H1B. Is that then legal?

3. Any suggestions to get out of contract without hampering my chances of getting a green card?

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I am somewhat in a similar situation. My 140 is approved and before filing my I485, employer is asking me to sign 4 year contract and if I break the contract then pay $25,000 per year.

Is this legal to pressurize the employee into signing this contract?

If I go to a court in the future, will this contract hold any weight? I would appreciate if someone with credible information can respond.

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