Whether at visa desk I will be asked questions on my stay in US after my I-94 expiry date and about my pending H1 case with employer B?


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I was holding H1 from employer A which was valid till Sept 11,2011 and also I-94 was valid till sept 11,2011.On sept 12,I got to know my employer A did not file for my H1 extension and employer A wanted me to return to India as i can not stay in US after I-94 expiry without my extension being filed with USCIS.

Meanwhile I applied for H1-transfer thru employer B on sept 12,2011.and USCIS received the H1 documents thru employer B on sept 16,2011.

on sept. 26,USCIS put the H1 case(thru employer B) under RFE asking justification of US stay after my I-94 expiry date(sept 11,2011) and about project details and employer B did not submit any response to that RFE and the case is still pending in RFE with USCIS.

With this I left United states on Sept 30,2011.

Now employer A has applied for fresh H1 and it got approved.and I need to go for visa-stamping at Mumbai consulate office.

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