H1B Stamping necessary?


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I have a H1B stamp on my passport until Sept 30 2102. i recently changed jobs and I got a new I-797 until Aug 15th 2012( which is pretty weird). I need to travel to India in March and was wondering iof I asolutely need to get a stamp for my new employer/i-797 or can enter the US with the already existing stamp and the new I-797.

I see the risks involved in going for the H1 stamping in the current climate.

Also, i believe there will be risks when i enter, as I would have given 2 i-94's when leaving

So I'm wondering how to weigh the trade-off's

Any suggestions/ recommendations would greatly help me.


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Thanks for the reply,

Yes my company will do an extension close to August.

The handing over of 2 I-94's is the one on my passport and the one which came on the bottom of new I-797!

So thats great news then, however i will be travelling again in June, which is kinda close to Sept validity of my stamp...

I plan to re-enter on previous H1 stamping and new I-797,

Any potential risks considering it is close to the expiry date?

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