Wife's priority date current, I am missing my passport.


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Hello everyone,

My wife's priority date became current with Jan visa bulletin. We were preparing with all the documents but could not find my passport. Can someone please tell me what if I can file for I-485 without a passport or Do I have to wait until I receive my replacement passport before I can apply for I-485? I have copies of both of my passports but not each and every page. Will this be sufficient to apply for I-485?

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you,

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Even though Passport is not listed in required document, my company lawyer insisted on having copies of passport data pages, visa pages. I guess this is the way he verified, name, current visa (number, place of issue and date of issue)

Verify against what - your face? At any rate, you can tell the lawyer to file your petition without it. There are many unnecessary things they may ask for. You can always say no. And hire a different lawyer.

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Typically, lawyers ask for the copies of the passport/visa etc because that information is requested on the I-485 form. We double check all of that information so that the I-485 contains correct data.

Belle--verify against what the client tells the lawyer. Sometimes, there can be differences between client provided information and the information in documents.

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