Multiple filing of H1B by 2 Employers Urgent Help


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My H1 B is going to expire on This month Nov 21 and i 94 as well, but here is the issue i have, My present employer filed H1B today (11/07/2011) Premium processing with USCIS. But the Client (***) has already filed H1B for me (10/11/2011) premium processing with USCIS and has already receipt number and the case status is Active). But this is was a mistake i asked the Client *** to stop filing my H1 B but some how they missed my email and they did it. So i will really appreciate if some one can guide me, on how can i resolve this issue. The *** HR is saying if i want they will cancel it. but can i cancel it now ? will it impact my H1B filing from my Employer? Any help in this situation will be really appreciated.

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