New H4 to H1 Visa stamp can be done in canada?


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Hello ,

I entered US around 2 years back on H4 and after that i got my H1 B along with I-797 last year and i am working also from last 6 month . I am planning to do my H1 B stamping from canada in dec (before going to india as i heard that H1 b stamping is easy in canada ) .

I few question regarding this if any one can answer this :

1) Can i do my first H1 B stamping in canada?

2) i am working in employer-vendor and client model and my employer is very small company just 2 employees so is this going to create a problem ( but my client is a big Brand Name ). So how i have to do my stamping on client letter based on from my employee company .

3) how many days it wil take for processing .

Please help me with these questions


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If you do not have American Credentials/Education wise get your visa in your home country. It is not easier in Canada. If you have the documents and your employer is not in the USCIS radar for past malfeasance you should be able to get the Visa at home. Make sure to run your situation by a Lawyer so that he can decide what documents are necesary to prove control by your H1 sponsor.

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