H4 Visa Validity Date


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I have a question about the validity date for the H-4 visa. My situation is as follows:

1. I have valid H-1B visa stamp from my previous employer till September 2012.

2. I changed my job in May 2011 and my H-1B was transferred to new employer till Mar 2014. I have not done stamping for this new H-1B yet. So, I basically have old H-1B stamp on my passport showing Sep 2012 as expiry date.

3. I am planning to travel to India this December. I know I don't have to go for stamping since i would have a valid visa stamp when I travel back in January 2012.

4. My wife is planning to go for H-4 visa stamping in December. What would be the validity date for her H-4 visa stamp and I-94? - Same as my H-1B visa stamp i.e. Sep 2012 or Mar 2014 as per my new I-797 approval form?

Thanks in advance

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