Question on I-140 and H1 extension


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My I-140 (EB2) was approved on Sep 23,2011. My H1B maxes out in about 5 months (Mar 18, 2012), hence I need to apply for its extension.

Meanwhile, I may have to relocate to another state in the next 3-4 weeks but will be working with my current employer for the same client on the same project.

I had the following questions related to my H1B extension:

  1. Will the address change (after relocating to another state) have any impact on my approved I-140 ?
  2. Is it recommend applying for the H1 extension (premium) from my current location, or should I wait until I move to the new location. Which option presents the least amount of risk?
  3. If i go with the first option, do I need to amend my LCA once i reach the new location ?
  4. If i cant file my H1 in time before moving to new location, will it be fine to file the H1 extension from the new location

Awaiting a response.

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