221G blue slip additional processing in chennai..2011


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I got 221g blue with option clicked as requires additional processing...

Interview date: 09-27-2011

VO' officer: took all my documents,I797, I129 asked about contract between my employer and vendor, provided client letter and resume...

He haven't asked me any documents and in the blue form also it doesn't contain any details other than the first option clikced which says "Requires further adminstrative processing"

All the forums i saw say's they need more documents..

Does any one have case like this? Please share your experience..DO i need to do anything from my side...

Waiting for your responses,

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Hi All,

I submitted my docs and got my Passport back with 221g Blue slip circled with 'Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can me made. This office will contact you once this administrative processing is complete'. Please find below my details.

Interview Date: 08-29-2011

Doc Submission Date: 09-22-2011

Passport Return Date: 09-26-2011

Please update this forum, if you receive any email to submit your Passport.

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