I94 expired in past, currently valid I94 , Can I go for stamping in Mexico


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Here's my case.

1. My I94 got expired on 01 Sep 2010 because my passport is expiring in Nov,2010. I had an I797 whose I94 is valid until 04,April, 2011 and which was presented to the officer at the time of my arrival, but the officer gave me an I94 that is valid until 01 Sep 2010

2. I did not realize it and stayed here. I got a new I797 and new I94 till Sep 2012 and renewed my passport too.

3. Technically I was out of status between 01 Sep 2010 - 04 April 2011.

4. My CBP office said that as My new I94 is valid till Sep 2012. I am not out of status and I do not have to worry.

5. My first stamping of H1b is in India. I am planning to go to Mexico for my visa stamping this time. My question is as I went out of status in the past, Is it OK to go to Mexico for stamping or Do I have to go to the country of Origin for my stamping?



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