IR1 VISA-Important please advice

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A friend of mine came to the USA after her husband filed a IMMEDIATE RELATIVE visa for her [i believe its I-130/IR1].Both of them went through the process of submitting the proof that they are married and all required document.

She is been married to him for almost 7 years but was outside the country and not with him for the last 6 years.

They are not divorced. However she was in the US for the first 1 year of the marriage.

The I-30 visa was approved by USCIS and she got the IR1 stamp from the Chennai embassy so she could back to the US.

She came back to the US with a IR1 visa which says “UPON ENDORSEMENT SERVES AS TEMPORARY I-551 EVIDENCING PERMANENT RESIDENCING FOR 1 YEAR†and it expires on 12th November 2011.

Now does she just have to sit and wait for the GC or she has to do some kind of adjustment to get the GC. She is currently living with him in USA.

Please advice.

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She came to the US a month back.Google dosen't clarify answers on this case.

All we want to know is if she came into the USA on an IR1 visa is she supposed to get the permanent GC without following up on any further paper work or does she need to do some adjustment on her case before nov 2011,since she is here now.

Working with a lawer is her next step if we dont find an answer here..


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and it expires on 12th November 2011.

One would thus think she came in in November,2010. GOOGLE was to find out how to make an INFOPASS Appointment. If she came in on the IV and get stamped she would get the card mailed to her. She would have been told a time frame for receipt of the card. If that frame is exceeded have her get an INFOPASS Appointment.

You realize that this a volunteer forum?

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