H1B extension and H4 stamping


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Hi All,

My H1B visa is going to expire in Sept,2011 and have applied for H1B visa extension (first time) in premium processing.Currently, my wife is in India and she will be coming to USA in the next month. Hopefully, I will get my H1B visa extension approval in next week and I DO NOT have any plans for my H1B visa stamping any time soon. My question is....If my wife goes to H4 stamping in India with my latest H1B visa extension (petition) approval then will she get the stamping for just Sept,2011? or will she get the stamping for longer time(the expiry date that is going to mention on my H1B visa extension approval)?

Any help on this much appreciated...!!!!

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Related Question-

My friend got his extension approved till Aug 2014 last week. His family is on vacation in India currently and have valid H4 visa till Aug 2011. They plan to come back in Jul 2011 first week. If they provide copy of latest I797 (with I94 attached) at POE will they be issued I94 valid till Aug 2014? Do they need to carry any other documents? (other than latest pay stubs and employment verification letter?)

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