Approval of I 485 while during International Travel


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I will be travelling to my home country while my I485 is in pending with TSC.

I plan to return with a valid H1 B stamp on my passport while my I485 is pending for approximately 70 days.

If my I 485 gets approved while I am outside the US, do I have to enter with an AP or I can still enter with the H1 Stamp ?

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Thanks pontevecchio, however after reading the article in the link below .. I am not sure if I can re-enter with the H1 stamp if my I485 gets approved.

The article states that you cannot get a H1 stamp after the I 485 gets approved and that you will have to enter using AP.

However in my case my I 485 is pending approval I already have a valid H1 B stamp. Please advise experts.

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Understood.. Now does the CBP officer need to informed that my I 485 has been approved if I use the H1 B stamp to enter...

"Since the traveler is now a permanent resident, however, entering in nonimmigrant status is not appropriate. The CBP officer at the POE should be informed of the individual's situation when s/he reenters, if the I-485 applicant is aware that her/his approval was issued while abroad."

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