Help needed for Birth Certificate

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I need help on birth certificate.

I am explaning my case. I was born on 2nd June 1984 at our home so no hospital record and my parents did not register my birth at that time. When i got to know, BC is a very important certificate for GC so my parents did a late registration (actualy very late, last month) on 20 July 2011 and got birth certificate.

Now my question is:-

Will this birth certificate work alone or we still need to give some more document like affeidavit from parents to support this BC.

Or anyother suggestion?



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Thanks pontevecchio for replying.

I can have affidavit from my parents and my uncle.

I still have one doubt.

I was born in UP and my birth certificate is also issued from UP so everything is fine.

Now my parents are currently living in Mumbai and my uncle is living in UP. So my parents will make affidavit in mumbai and my uncle will make affidavit in UP. Will this be a problem or both affidavit location should be same?

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