Do I need to proactively send the L2 and EAD approved documents when my EAD case is in progress?


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I have recently applied for the EAD renewal with a copy of my husband's L1 A Extension receipt notice and my L2 extension receipt notice. It was not approved that time when I applied for EAD. I also got the receipt notice with the case id generated for my EAD. Meanwhile, my husband's L1 A Extension and my L2 extension also got approved.

The question here is,

1) Do I need to send the approved L1A and L2 papers proactively in reference to my EAD Case Id? If so, what's the form I need to fill or Can I fax this to the number? If yes, please provide me the fax / documents link where I can refer.

2) Technically, they can refer my earlier Case Ids (L1A and L2 cases) and check for the approval status and approve the EAD as well. Will they do or they request for additional documents.

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