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I did filed i130 Relative petiton for my wife December 01 2010 after i received Re criptografía number / EAC1190059618 from this until now after i send copy from my citizen june 09 2011 and i called 20 time to update every thing and i Chang my Address .now from 9 month file my still no take approve Why? This to much time im citizen now and my wife in egypt u know What happend in egypt she carry to much she had long time to finish her file .if i callecitas 8003755238 no do any thing for me just told wait to What ? How long more ? Ni answer for please look for file my wife please i wait approve this month .befor last i called immigration july 14 2011 she told should be you receive approve file your wife August .please help me do something for me god bless u if u help me

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