GC Sponsoring for Parent

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My parent has been diagnised with a form of cancer - and I am a US citizen and want to pursue treatment options in USA

I wanted to know

1) How long it would take (approx) to receive GC from time of application

2) Want to know if conditions such as cancer may prevent him from getting the Green Card ( if there are any medical tests that he would need to pass to get the GC)


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You know that you would be on the hook to pay for his medical treatment, since he wouldn't be able to get medical insurance, do you?

Cancer treatment can be very expensive. For a friend of mine, it was on the order of a 1/4 million dollars. Do you have that kind of money?

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He must take a physical. He will be unable to obtain any health insurance. Cancer treatment is not an emergency. It is very expensive; think in terms of hundreds of thousands of dollars. A GC is not guaranteed and can certainly be denied if the applicant is expected to become a public charge. Bringing him/her to the US will likely hasten his death due to lack of ability to obtain medical care; harsh but true. The time to a GC would delay treatment.

He might qualify for a visit visa for treatment if you can pay for it. Your best option, IMO, is to assist to pay for high quality treatment in his home country. If he is in India, many people from around the world - including the US - go there for treatment.

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1. About 9 months. Please make sure to let a Lawyer handle it.

2. As long as you take financial responsibility it does not matter. But are you sure you can afford the treatment? It is not always the case that treatment is better here. Please discuss the issue with his Oncologist and then decide on a plan of action. Of course if you can afford it then go ahead.

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