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Hi everyone. I'm on H4 visa. I'm currently searching for job but found that companies are not yet ready to sponsor H1 now. So, was thinking of joining in free IT training programs which can help my career.

Anyone who knows about free IT training centres in and around Peoria, IL, please inform me.

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Just curious. You are joining a free IT training program since you are not finding an h1 sponsor ? And how, may I ask, will this help your career?

Use your head, Shirisha. When you arent finding a company which can give you a decent job with a pay, how can any company offer to traing you for free? And what will you do later - you are still back to the square 1 of finding an h1 sponsor.

Ponte's suggestion makes more sense. Go for a good MS program, or even a certification training in your skill area. Yes it costs a lot of money, but definitely worth more than the 'free IT training' programs.

Wish you all the best.

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