travelling while married to a US citizen

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Last month, i got married to my beautiful fiancee. We have been dating for 4 years now.

I am planning to take her to my home country and get married (in front of my family) to her traditional way in January 2012.

6 years ago, I came here with an american dream as a student and now on a work visa for past 4 years.

Now our dilemma is,

I have not filed for change of status yet (GC through marriage etc...). And we would want to travel to my home country.

For my finacee, she will have no issues travelling with me as she has a US passport.

Me being on work visa and travelling to my home country, i will have to get H1B stamping as i changed my employer couple years ago.

Do i need to change my passport to change the status (single or married etc)?

What are the legal documents that i need to change to say that i am married?

What are the chances of my H1 being getting approved or 221g at USCIS? "OR" Should i wait for my international travel?

Any advice would be very helpful. I would like to contact Murthy lawyers, but wanted to get some advice here on a forum as well .....


Abhi .....

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