Showed old I797 at port of entry


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Thanks for taking time and reading this post and I appreciate you response.

I was working for Company A on H1B and my wife was on H4. we got stamped and came to america with out any problem.

After 2 years I shifted to Company B on a new H1B and my new company (company B) applied for another H4 visa for my wife.

After shifting to company B, my wife traveled India and came back to america on her old visa which was from company A, while travelling she was sick and didn't showed her new I979a (from company B), since her old visa was valid the office at the port of entry allowed him to enter with old visa and he didn't know that she was carrying another i797 from another company.

Could you please tell me if her stay is valid in america (Her old visa from company is still valid).

How should I proceed from here.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot Aamer

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Old I94 is good till Sept2011, so does it mean that she can stay in country till Sept with out any hassle.

My company B is planning to apply another extension for her.

Will she would be able to get another extension with out any problem?

and after her I94 expires does she need to leave the country ?

Appreciate your help

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