FNU and I-485


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It may be acceptable. But, I suggest you correct your name in passport first if you consider it an error.

How is your name written elsewhere such as DL, Social Security, work place, bank account etc?

Originally posted by visa_sct:

My wife and daughter have "FNU problem" in their H4 visa. In their Indian passport the last name part is empty and the first name part has XXX YYY.

Can we just put the XXX part in the first name and YYY part in the surname part in I-485 application ?. Will USCIS find this unacceptable ?

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  • 10 months later...

Writing after 10 months to update the case. My wife and daughter got their GC. Even though we had specified the names as FNU (first name) Xx Yy (last name) in the 485 applications, USCIS spitted the name to Xy (first name) and Yy (last name) in the green card. In retrospect, Belle was right in saying that USCIS is not uber-strict on the names.

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