H1B Transfer without I-94 ,going for Stamping.Need Help Please..Urgent


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I am working with a employer A from 4 months .i came with a new H1B and Visa stamp 4 months back and i have all paystubs.I applied for H1B transfer for full time with Big American MNC B .I got H1B transfer Approved without I-94.

I am still working with old employer A.I did not join new employer yet.MY Employer B is asking to go for Visa Stamp with Approval I797B.I have valid visa with my old employer but not sure POE will allow me so i am planning to go for Visa Stamp if i need to join new employer B.

Can i take step to go for visa stamping now,as per current situation?.

what will VO will expect from me and my old job?.

Did any one went for Visa Stamp with I-797B transfer case as mine?.

What are the documents i need to carry to show my status for last 4 months?.

Please advice me and share your thoughts.

It is urgent..Appreciate your help.

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