Marrying a US Citizen issues.

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US laws do not permit slavery. Being forced into a marriage can be considered such. Do you really want to become part of a family who would force their child to marry?

IMO, you are at great risk should something go wrong. There are many cases of falsely reported domestic violence. It could go so far as imprisonment for you. Women have the upper hand. If a fraud marriage in order to come to the US is what you choose, be prepared for a very tough life with her and her domineering parents.

Also, the US takes marriage for an immigration benefit to be a very serious offense; you could be deported with your GC/USC voided.

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OP, The fact you have concerns should be a red flag that this is a really bad idea. Marrying just to be able to come to the US is selling your soul to the devil; you will likely live to regret it. Planning for divorce even before marriage makes it likely that the effort required for a successful marriage will not be made. I really pity you.

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