Transfer H1B to H4 and later revert to H1B visa

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Currently I am having H1B visa and my work order is going to be expire with this month, so I wanted to covert my H1b visa to H4 under my husband dependant. 

1. how much time will it take to tranfert from h1 to h4 status?
2. do I need to travel to my home country for the status change?.

3. Will my h1b revoked?, or my h1b visa will expired ?.

4. Is it possible to revert my same h1b visa status after few months?. If possible what’s the procedure and how much time it will take?.

please do advise on my query.


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You can change your status to H4 by applying for it and waiting a few months for the change to come through and you can stay here in the meantime.

At any time, you can leave and return with a H4 visa and you will be in H4 status on arrival. VISA means a physical stamp in your Passport.

Your ability to get a TOTAL of 6 years in H1 status based on being cap counted once remains intact.

 In case yu are in H4 status, any H1 sponsor can file an H1 petition for you and get it approved. If you are in H4 status then as opposed to waiting for a H4 COS, the process of a COS to H1 based on a H1 petition approval can be done via Premium Processing.

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