Travel during H1B on bench

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I am on H1 B (with stamping valid till 2026) and my project with the client is ending this month in Mar, 2024 right on the day before my travel to India. It's an unavoidable trip and I should be back in May 1st week. 

1. While coming back, will there be any issue at POE considering I am on bench at the time of return ? I'll still be paid by the employer. 

2. I'm hoping I find the next project between now and May 1st week when I return but in the event I won't find, can I tell that my project ended in March and I'm yet to find my next gig ?

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You mean, if they ask who do I work for, say I work for the company who sponsored me ? 

Yea, I guess I can do that. But incase of any follow up questions, I've to cook some story that I work on in house project which my sponsor doesn't have.

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