Bring family to USA. They already have green card

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I got US citizenship in March, 2024. My family (Wife and Daugher-18 year old) is living in India for the past 10 years. We all got green card in May, 2015. My family left to India a month before receiving green card. What are my options to bring them to USA. The current green card expires in May, 2025.

1. Apply for marriage based green card (NEW) for my wife and immediate relative green card (NEW) for my daughter?
2. Renew existing green card(s)?
3. What are the chances of deporting back if they arrive on existing green card?
4. Wait to apply for NEW green cards after the CURRENT green card expire?

Your help would be appreciated.

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The current Green Card is gone. You would need to file a GC for your spouse based on your Marriage. Then your spouse needs to file for your daughter's Green Card. You should let a lawyer guide you in the matter and file all the papers. You have to overcome the fact that they have not lived with you for the last 10 years. Maybe consult the firm of Murthy in the matter.

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