H4 Extn + EAD filed when spouse was out of USA

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My wife recently travelled back to India on the 24th of Feb because I had to relocate to a different state due to work. Plan was that I will first go settle in the new place and bring her back.
I have an approved I-140 and my H1b was expiring on March 4th. Even though I had sent all documents for my extension and H4 extension+EAD, long before, my company filed everything on the 1st of March due to delay on their end. Today I got to know that my H1b 7th year extn is approved. H4 and EAD receipts I am told, will be sent via mail to physical address. 

Question is this: Wife travelled on the 24th but Extn+EAD was filed on the 1st of March. I got to know today that she has to be here physically to apply EAD? Would this cause problem for the extension and EAD since she was out of the country by a week??
I didn't know there was a condition like this and no one warned me as well. If I knew, I wouldn't have planned her travel to India. And we don't really inform the company as well whenever spouse is travelling. Really worried about this. Any answer would help. 

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