Can there be an RFE? H1 Transfer after joining new company for 1 month.

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I need a suggestion.
I got laid off in Dec from company A, I moved to company B. They filed my H1b and it is approved. Company B markets my profile and looks for clients.
Now I got another fulltime opportunity with company C. Company C asked me my new H1b approval, paystub, employment verification letter.
I got all the req documents from company B. Since am on bench company B ran the paystub little less than the amount in lca for Jan month.
Company C attorney is saying there is high chance of getting rfe in my case as there is less pay than what it should be on LCA. And they are saying lack of continous employment in my case. It been only 1 month since I joined company B in Jan and it is still the start of the year.
Do I really get an rfe in this case? Or is Company C attorney is just trying to scare me? Please suggest.

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LCA wages is a Govt. requirement. 

RFE and/or Approvals of any H1b petition is really at the discretion of the USCIS officer reviewing the case.  There is no crystal ball to predict if you will get an RFE or not.  

You can try "concurrent H1b" with company C, that way you can be on payroll of both the companies and work for the one who has got client.  Good Luck.

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