California Clean slate law and expungement of Arrest records and criminal record

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i had a arrest record back in 2015 and case was dismissed after pre trial diversion program . There was no admission of guilt or anything . I went for stamping in 2019 and I provided the certified copies of court record , arrest citation , immigration lawyer opinion letter. I got my h1 visa approved in 1-2 weeks. 
now since California law will seal and expunge arrest records and court records. Will this case pop up for my next visa stamping ? I have all docs with me do I still need to produce the docs if asked for drop box appointments or visa interviews if I’m called back to attend interview.? Can anyone help ?

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Rule is simple arrested does not matter. if case dismissed unconditionally--meaning you did not have to go through any program or ACD without any kind of community service etc....STRAIGHT DISMISSSAL you are safe...for rest one needs an attorney...pre-trial diversion needs an attorney to fix. jail time over 1 year probably will cost TONS to fix.

Since its a pre-trial diversion.....everything MIGHT POP UP with immigration and federal projects.....WITH IMMIGRATION ATTEMPTS OF HIDING WILL COUNT AGAINST YOU........... speak to you attorney if pre-trial diversion is called straight dismissal for immigration or not.....BUT FOR JOBS AS LONG AS ITS EXPUNGED you are safe but if they deexpunge and find anything sinister--you might be prepared to look for a new job or perform well, BOSS WILL NEVER FIRE YOU


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