H1 clock reset: Participate in H1b lottery again this year with 2 years left on H1b visa

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I stayed in USA on H1b for 4 years and 2 more years left on H1b visa out of 6 years. I’m currently in India from Nov 2023. Can I participate in H1b lottery again this year? In order to get 6 more years on H1, I’m planning to come to USA in Feb 2025 if my petition gets picked and approved this year. So, just wanted to check, if I can participate in lottery this year ?

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You should be out of US for one whole year - cooling period - before getting into lottery again.  I dont think you can get into lottery for year 2025.  

Try H1b lottery for year 2026, if you still happen to be in India, and also find an employer who will immediately start your GC process so you can get your I-140.  Good Luck.

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